Look at the syllabus.

Academy Site: Welcome to the Academy. Here is a wonderful opportunity to jumpstart your technology career. Here is the Academy site.
To log on use usny_ws_sq101_s## where ## is your two digit number given by the teacher. Password is oracle but you can change it. You can change your password after logging in, but, don't forget!!
Quizzes can only be taken in netscape.

Career Minded Students:This site is a wonderful opportunity for those of you who are really interested in a career in the computer industry. If you want this career, you will need to study on your own in addition to the class work. You need to complete ALL the quizzes with a passing score and pass the final exam for both classes. Use the site at home to view the slides and download the PDF manual and study on your own. This is really an independent study and the class is just a help.

Be sure to complete the following steps to complete your registration for this class.

Step 1: Email me at [email protected]. If you don't have an email address, get one now. Try these links.

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Step 2: Register for this class.

Data is what you store; information is what you retrieve.

Daily log of assignments here.

Database Assignments.

SQL Workshop

SQL: Here is the SQL workshop.
School Name: USNY_ERWHS
Users:USNY_ERWHS_SQL01_S## where ## is your number.
Password: Oracle but you can change it.

BLACKBOARD-online gradebook

Go to

Login: Last Name. First letter capitalized, the rest are lower case. Note: If you have a common name, your login may be First letter of your first name (Capitalized) followed by your last name as described above.

Password: Your 4-digit ID

Check out the site. Go to Tools, and Check your grade. Update your profile.
Email me if you have questions.

EXAMPLE :: Login: Anderson
Password: 1245

Note: In order to be registered, I must have your 4-digit ID.

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