Project # 3 - Photoshop

Take a look at this photoshop tutorial or this tutorial page. Here is another tutorial2 page for cool things to make. Or try this tutorial3 page. To edit photos try this tutorial4 page. Photoshop Tips.

Open photoshop from the items for WebDesign folder: Goto File New and experient with a page.

Assignments: Get aquainted with Photoshop.

Exercise 1: Shapes Design. Go here for the lesson.

Exercise 3: 10/15/02: Follow the instructor using the tools. Students absent must make up the lesson after school on Thursdays.

1) 10/4/02: Open photoshop and go here to photoshop1. Create the picture, then turn it into your hand in folder on the desktop by following the directions below. Call it Photoshop1. 10 points.

2)10/7/02: Use the paintbrush tool to create a wonderful bouquet of flowers. Make it 400 x 400 pixels with a white background. Turn in a copy to me. Call it Photoshop2. 10 points.

3) 10/8/02: Make these great "clouds". photoshop3 . Turn in a copy to me. Call it Photoshop3.10 points.

4) 10/9/02: Go here to photoshop4, create the icon and turn it in. Call itPhotoshop4 or Button. 10 points.

5) 10/10/02: :Do this photoshop5 text exercise. You can't follow the instructions exactly since it is a later version. You can't use the Type Mask Tool. Instead goto Layer,Type,Render Layer. Use the magic wand tool to select the letters. Hold the apple key down to select more than one letter. Select all the letters. Continue with step 5. Turn in and call it Photoshop5 or Alien.10 points.

6) : Neon. Do phtoshop6. Make it a 128 x 128 file. .Turn it in.10 points.

7) :10/17/02; Firetext. Do photoshop7, Make the size 500 x 200 with a black background. Create one file exactly as instructed. Call it firetext1. Create another one using the same concepts but add your own individuality. Call it firetext2.. Turn it in.10 points.

8) :10/18/02: Do photoshop8,or water, . Turn it in.10 points.

9) 10/18/02: Use Layers to create a face. Call it facelayers.10 points.

10) 10/21/02: Choose one of the photos of the front of the school in the group share folder and edit it. Select the photo and with the option key pressed, drag the photo to your photoshop folder. Call it WestSide.

10) Create an Edward A. Reynolds West Side High School Logo. .Call it photologo or West Side Logo.

15) Use photoshop to draw a turkey.

16) Animated gif. Jumping Jack.


1)Open the folder with your name.
2)Drag the icon to turn in to the desktop to make a copy.
3)Drag the icon on the desktop to the hand in folder.
4)Click OK.
5)Drag the icon on the desktop to the trash.