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Assignment #1:BOUNCING BALL In flash, create a bouncing ball. Here is an example. Create a ball at the bottom of the state. >Insert >Keyframe. Use the arrow tool to select the entire ball. Be sure to select both the fill and stroke. Select it by placing the arrow outside the circle in the upper left and dragging it past the circle to the lower right. Move the ball a little bit. Go back to insert keyframe and move the ball up and down frame by frame.

Assignment #2: ROTATION WHEEL..In flash, create a wheel. Here is an example. Using oval tool, create a circle. Use the line tool to create spokes. Use the arrow tool and select the wheel. >Insert > Convert to Symbol. Do the following steps as needed. >Insert >Keyframe. Select the circle. Move the circle. Continue to move the circle until it goes up and down. When you get to the top, change the shape using the scale tool.

Assignment #3:GROWING BALL. In flash, create a ball getting larger. Here is an example. Create a very small ball in the center of your state. Use the arrow tool to select it. Convert it to a symbol. Insert > Convert to Symbol. Do the following steps as needed. >Insert >Keyframe. Select the ball. Use the scale tool to make the ball slightly larger. Loop back to insert keyframe and continue until the ball fills the stage. Next, open the text box >Text >Character and choose a color, size and font. Place the text in the middle of the ball. Select the ball and text. >Modify > Group.

Assignment #4: NAME ACROSS SCREEN.In flash, have some words scroll across the screen. Here is an example. Click on the text tool A and put your name on the stage. Choose >Insert > Keyframe. Move your name off to the right of the screen using the selection tool (black arrow). Now move the words slightly onto the stage.Choose >Insert > Keyframe. Move the words slightly to the right. Continue in this way until the words are off the screen to the left. Alter the speed by choosing >Modify >Movie and altering the Frame Rate (fps - frames per second). A lower number makes it slower and higher number makes it faster.

Assignment #5: SUNRISE WITH BOAT.In flash, have a sun rise and a sailboat sail across the water. Here is an example. Make four layers - water,sky,sun,and boat making each item on each layer. Have the sun move slowly up the screen using >Insert >Keyframe each time you move the sun up slightly. Create the boat in the library but using >Insert > New Symbol. Student's Boats!.

Assignment #6: WORD TWEEN. Follow these steps in a loop. Here is an example.

1) Select frame. Insert > Create Motion Tween
2) Move up 15 frames
3) Insert > Keyframe (move text to new location or enlarge or rotate)
4) On selected frame. Insert > Remove Tween

Assignment #7: Create a car. Here are some Student Cars.
1) >Insert >New Symbol. Select movie clip.Call it Wheel. Now create a rotating wheel as we did in assignment #2.
2) Click back to scene1. Create a body for the car.
3) >Window > Library. Click on wheel and drag it to the stage. Drag it again Size the wheels properly to the car frame.
4) Use Motion tween steps as in assigment 6 to move the car.

Assignment #8: Create a scene for the car. Then add the car to the scene. Here is a start. Here is a simple scene and here is a more complicated tween. Check out the students Cars!.

Assignment #9 : PENGUIN. In flash, go to this site and draw a penguin. After you draw it have it waddle and create a scene for it to waddle around. Here are some Student's Penguins!.
1) Draw the penguin.
2) Make it into a symbol. a) Select it. b) Insert >Convert to Symbol >Movie call it penguin.
3) Make the penguin waddle. Window >Library. Click on penguin. Double click the image in the library window which brings you to the library. Edit the penguin. Select it with the Free Tranform Tool. Rotate it. Insert > Keyframe. Select it with the Free Tranform Tool again and rotate it the opposite direction. Return to the scene.
4) In the scene, delete the penguin. Create a new layer. Call the top layer penguin and the bottom layer scene. Select the scene layer and create a scene. When finished, select the penguin layer and drag the penguin from the library to the stage and tween as desired.

Assignment #10 FROG. In flash, go to this site and draw the frog. After you draw it have it open and close eyes and create a scene for it to move around. Follow steps from assignment #9. Students' Frogs!.

Assignment #11: BEE.
1) In flash, create a bee. After it is created, save it as bee. Have the bee move its wings. Example1. Example2.
2) Select the entire bee using the black arrow key.
3) >Insert >Convert to Symbol.
4)Open the library - >Window >Library.
5)Open a new stage. >File >New.
7)Click once on the bee icon in the library. This puts the bee into the window in the library.
8)Drag the bee onto the stage.
9) Size it and move it to the left side of the stage. Use the scale tool in bottom right corner of the Tools window.
10)Click on frame 30. >Insert > Keyframe.
11)Click on the layer. >Insert >Motion Guide.
12) Select the pencil tool.Select the guide layer. Draw a path from the left to the right.
13)Click on frame one. Use the black selection tool. Make sure the magnet is selected. This is triky! Drag the center of the bee - the crosshair or circle depending on how it is selected - to the beginning of the curve you drew.
14)Now select frame 30. Drag the center of the bee to the end of the curve.
15) Click between the frames. >Insert > Create Motion Tween.
16) >Control >Test movie.Save as Beemove. Publish. Students Bees!

Assignment #`12: The server was down so we did an inclass assignment - Draw a bee using pencil and paper.

Assignment #13: Bee Scene with Bee Flying around.
Step 2:
In flash, create a scene to have your bee moving along a path in. Here is a simple example.but us student in 2003 are going to do a more sophisticated scene like this. Better yet, check out this great card!You can create the plant to insert your bee. Butterfly around plant and use the bee instead. Or goto google and search for a scene. If you plan to make the simple example, follow these steps. .Make five layers - background, table, plate, bee, glass, in that order with background on the bottom. Be very careful as you create each item on each layer. It might be a good idea to lock each layer that you aren't editing. Without the layers, the bee will not be able to fly behind the glass. Draw the table on the table layer ( it is just a rectangle). Next, draw the glass on the glass layer - two ovals connected with lines. Draw the plate on the plate layer. The plate is an oval that is duplicated - apple D and moved to a good spot under the original. Two lines connect them and delete unneeded curves. Finally, open the bee you created in another file. You can >File >Open as Shared Library. If that doesn't work, pen the bee file. Open the library. (Make sure the bee is a symbol. If it isn't, select the bee then >Insert >Convert to Symbol.) Put the state with the scene on top and drag the bee to the stage. Follow instructions in assignment #14 to guide the bee around. Or, try these step-by-step online instructions. Student's Bee's Moving!

Assignment #14: TRANSFORM.In flash, change a circle into a square using the shape tween. Here is an example.
1) Create the shape in frame one.
2) Click on the frame 50.
3) Insert a blank keyframe.
4) Draw a square.
5) Click between the two keyframes.
6) In the properties panel choose Shape Tween.

Assignment #15: Draw a fish. In preparation for assignment #16, draw a fish on paper.

Assignment #16: In flash, create an aquarium. Here is an example1 or another example2. Here is a more advanced example3. It is a good idea to make a layer for each item - background color, rock, coral, sea fan, fish, etc. Make a layer for each fish you move across the screen. Goto assignment #12 for moving the fish across the screen.Student's Acquariums!.

Assignment #16: Tweening Face.

Assignment #: Tint Tweening.

Assignment #: One to Two Tween.

Assignment # : CARTOON. In flash create this cartoon charater. When finished, >Insert >Convert to Symbol. Then create the background in a new file and open the character as a library and drag onto the stage. Here is the final drawing. Student's Marvins!.

Assignment #: MOTION TWEEN. In flash, create a shape to move across the screen using the motion tween.. Here is an example. Here is another example.
1) Create the shape in the library. >Insert >New Symbol , Graphic.Go back to Scene1 when complete. Click on Scene1 in upper right corner.
2) Create a layer for the symbol. >Insert >Layer.
3) Open the library Window >Window >Library. Click on the symbol. Drag the symbol to the stage. Move the symbol to the beginning of the movement - off the stage is a great starting place.
4) Click on frame 25.
5)>Insert > Keyframe
6) Move the shape to the other side of the stage - off the stage - on the other is side is a great ending place.
7) Click between the frames.
8) >Insert > Create Motion Tween.
9) >Control >Test movie.

Assignment #: MASK.In flash, create a masked word like this example or this example. Or view it in a dreamweaver page. The directions are here.

Assignment #: In flash, create a clown with a bowtie spinning using CCW or CW rotation and eyes moving using motion tweens. Use separate layers for background color, face and hair, smile, bowtie, eyes and nose just in case you want to get really fancy and make the clown smile and frown or wiggle his nose. Make the bowtie separately as a symbol and then drag it to the stage. To rotate the bowtie, select it, click on frame 35.>Insert>Keyframe. Click between frames. Open the frames window. Select Motion Tween. Select Rotate CW or CWW and 5 rotations.Here is an example. Get creative. Student's Clowns!.

Assignment #: In flash, create a DragonBa llZ picture. Student's Art!.


End of Cycle IV



Assignment #: In flash, use layers to create sky,water,land, and clouds. Use the motion tween to make the clouds appear. Here is an example.


Assignment #. In flash, create a banner with your favorite photos. Here is an example.

Assignment #. In flash, make buttons and scenes. Here is an example.

Assignment # : In flash, create a looneytune character.

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