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  • AMNH Resources for Learning - Resources for Learning is a collection of activities, articles, evidence and analysis and more, for educators, families, students and anyone interested in teaching or learning about science. Resources for Learning was developed by the American Museum of ( Added: 2002-11-15, Hits: 34, )
  • CIESE CLASSROOM PROJECTS - interdisciplinary projects that teachers throughout the world can use to enhance their curriculum through compelling use of the Internet. We focus on projects that utilize realtime data available from the Internet, and collaborative projects that utilize ( Added: 2003-06-09, Hits: 8, )
  • Einstein Archives Online - The site allows viewing and browsing of approx. 3,000 high-quality digitized images of Einstein´┐Żs writings, available for viewing in two sizes: a standard resolution image, as well as a high-resolution image for closer inspection. This digitization of mor ( Added: 2004-02-05, Hits: 3, )
  • Gallery Of Obscure Patents - You won’t believe some of the items receiving patents, such as the Flushable Vehicle Spittoon. Clicking on the individual item takes you to the patent page, which thoroughly (and sometimes confusingly) details the item. The patent page also details ( Added: 2002-05-08, Hits: 55, )
  • GLOBE - Where students, teachers and scientists worldwide work together by sharing scientific data. ( Added: 2001-12-28, Hits: 58, )
  • MadSciNetwork - Welcome to the laboratory that never sleeps! ( Added: 2002-01-14, Hits: 56, )
  • Molecular Expressions - Powers of Ten: View the Milky Way at 10 million light years from the Earth. Then move through space towards the Earth in successive orders of magnitude until you reach a tall oak tree just outside the buildings of the National High Magnetic Field Laborato ( Added: 2003-01-27, Hits: 23, )
  • Museum of ANCIENT INVENTIONS - The Virtual Museum of Ancient Inventions is a project begun by the students in the course Ancient Inventions ( Added: 2002-03-12, Hits: 51, )
  • NASA’s Educator Astronaut Program - Earth Crew Astronaut School Meet the Astronauts Living in Space Bringing Space Home Explorer’s Galaxy ( Added: 2003-01-31, Hits: 20, )
  • NOVA Online Teachers - a searchable database of all our educational materials, an ever-growing collection of more than 500 separate resources. ( Added: 2002-01-15, Hits: 63, )
  • Pieces of Science - The only danger in using this site is that you will forget to return to other classroom work. The sixteen engaging pieces include simulations, student activities, teacher resources, and more. ( Added: 2002-01-30, Hits: 66, )
  • Powers of Ten - View the Milky Way at 10 million light years from the Earth. Then move through space towards the Earth in successive orders of magnitude until you reach quarks ( Added: 2003-02-05, Hits: 29, )
  • - provides useful information and links to all material in the field of quantum computing and information processing. ( Added: 2002-09-12, Hits: 37, )
  • Science Toys - Make toys at home with common household materials, often in only a few minutes, that demonstrate fascinating scientific principles. ( Added: 2003-06-04, Hits: 8, )
  • sciencemaster - the Internet’s science learning web site, catering to students, parents and teachers. We offer a friendly environment to support public & private school science education and home learning. At ScienceMaster, each major science ( Added: 2002-03-04, Hits: 56, )
  • Strange Science: The Rocky Road to Moder - Ever wonder how people figured out there used to be such things as dinosaurs? Curious about how scientists learned to reconstruct fossil skeletons? The knowledge we take for granted today was slow in coming, and along the way, scientists and scholars had ( Added: 2002-03-11, Hits: 47, )
  • The Mystery Spot - Nothing hits the spot like a good mystery, and the Mystery Spot is the spot for mysteries. Each mystery provides background information, an engagin g storyline, and pertinent scientific data to help would-be detectives solve the problem. ( Added: 2002-01-30, Hits: 68, )
  • WebWatchers Web Guides - Lists of pre-selected web sites to help YOU teach key subjects Lesson plans, activities, experiments and real-world examples Time-savers! Aligned to the National Science Education Standards ( Added: 2003-06-05, Hits: 6, )
  • You Try It - interactive activities: Technology at Home, Mountain Maker, Earth Shaker,Probe the Brain, Atom Builder, Human Evolution,Radio Transmission, Doctor over Time ( Added: 2002-01-17, Hits: 73, )