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  • 40 Centuries of Architecture - Egyptian, Greek, Islamic, and Romanesque architecture are presented in categories of locality, subject, and time periods with a series of thumbnail images that are clicked to reveal a full screen size photo. Originally an Italian site, the English version ( Added: 2002-01-29, Hits: 113, )
  • Architecture in Education - ..a growing number of interdisciplinary, hands-on projects and ideas for incorporating architecture into the curriculum ( Added: 2002-02-16, Hits: 107, )
  • arcspace - World Architecture ( Added: 2002-02-16, Hits: 75, )
  • Castles on the Web - Castle Tours Search and tour individual Castles from around the world... palaces and great homes, Abbeys and Churches...Castle related question and answer discussion area! ( Added: 2002-02-16, Hits: 78, )
  • Great Structures of the world - a gallery of the world’s greatest structures! ( Added: 2002-02-16, Hits: 67, )
  • T H E G R E A T B U I L D I N G S - More than 800 great buildings from around the world and across history are listed below and illustrated at this web site...photographic images, architectural drawings, discussion, bibliography, architect info, and live 3D walkthrough computer models. ( Added: 2002-02-16, Hits: 82, )