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  • GED Preparation and Testing - General Information ( Added: 2002-10-28, Hits: 1777, )
  • Free Online GED class - you can practice skills you will need to accomplish your goal of passing the GED. after working on each exercise, you take a quiz or test. each one can be taken as many times as necessary until you really understand it. ( Added: 2002-02-13, Hits: 1425, )
  • New York State GED Testing - How to Contact Us For information about the GED Testing Program ( Added: 2002-01-23, Hits: 1311, )
  • Selective Service System (The Draft) - Men who aren’t registered with Selective Service won’t qualify for Federal student loans or grant programs. This includes Pell Grants, College Work Study, Guaranteed Student/Plus Loans, and National Direct Student Loans. ( Added: 2002-02-14, Hits: 1091, )
  • hairstyles on-line - You can play different kinds of hairstyles on-line with different face images ( Added: 2002-06-03, Hits: 854, )
  • - web site designed for the apprentice electrician, journeyman electrician, master electrician, electrical contractor, and electrical inspector. It is about license exam preparation, professional development, continuing education, National Electrical Code, ( Added: 2002-03-14, Hits: 808, )
  • New York State Regents Exams - Many - but not all - NYS Regents High School Exams are available online in TIFF, GIF and/or PDF format. Availability of Regents exams varies by subject and year. (Regents Exams in PDF format for 1998 forward are provided by the Office of Curriculum, Asses ( Added: 2002-05-23, Hits: 694, )
  • Cosmetology Career Guide - Explore careers in Cosmetology with the following links to job descriptions, which include information such as daily activities, skill requirements, salary and training required. To learn more about Cosmetology, follow the related links below the career ( Added: 2002-11-25, Hits: 692, )
  • - FEATURES Selecting A Style, Selecting A Stylist, Top 10 Hair Myths, Salon Products, Hair Thinning, Haircut Pricing, Trend Release, Salon Of The Year ( Added: 2002-03-14, Hits: 627, )
  • Teacher Email System - Board of Education Outlook Webmail. ( Added: 2001-11-15, Hits: 569, )
  • GED2002 Practice - Tryout some questions which are at the GED2002 level. ( Added: 2001-11-29, Hits: 550, )
  • Geometry from the Land of the Incas - Presents problems involving circles and triangles, with proofs, animation and sound. Also, has examples of geometry in Peruvian culture. ( Added: 2002-11-12, Hits: 548, )
  • National Cosmetology Association - the largest association of salon professionals in the world... Are you looking for information about our industry? Want to meet topnotch educators & industry alliances that can answer your questions? Need answers about your cosmetology ca ( Added: 2002-06-24, Hits: 511, )
  • Department of Education - Main Dept.of Ed Homepage ( Added: 2001-11-14, Hits: 474, )
  • GED Resources - This site is brought to you by the Consortium for Information Technology in Education ( Added: 2002-01-23, Hits: 473, )
  • New GED tests: What you need to know - Description of the GED 2002 from theAmerican Council on Education (the people who give the GED. ( Added: 2001-12-11, Hits: 469, )
  • Vocational Education - one of the top sites on the World Wide Web referencing Vocational Education ( Added: 2002-03-13, Hits: 466, )
  • - Available Practice Material: Barron�s Ged Writing Workbook; Computer Study Program for the GED; Cracking the Ged 2002; Essential Words for the Ged; Everything You Need to Score High on the Ged; How to Prepare for the Ged; Kaplan Ged 2 ( Added: 2002-01-23, Hits: 441, )
  • What to Expect on the GED - language arts, writing; social studies; science; language arts, reading; and mathematics. Includes pracitice questions, college info & French & Spanish GED ( Added: 2002-04-04, Hits: 433, )
  • A guide to learning English - Includes a collection of web projects written by ESL students, advice on how to learn English more quickly and selected web links, Grammar: A large number of multiple-choice and fill the gap exercises, plus explanations, Vocabulary: A collection of ESL vo ( Added: 2002-01-17, Hits: 426, )