Living Environment

Living Environment

Assignment #4: Ecology


Ecology, ecosystem, population, community, biosphere, adaptation, evolution, habitat, niche, aquatic, terrestrial, biotic, abiotic, climate, interaction, water cycle, carbon dioxide-oxygen cycle, nitrogen cycle, decay, scavange, ecological succession, pioneer organism, climax community, symbiotic relationships, parasite, burning.


1. Write a meaningful sentence with every vocabulary word.
2. Compare biotic and abiotic factors in an ecosystem. give examples.
3. What is the difference between population and community.
4. Draw a scheme that represents carbon dioxide-oxygen cycle.
5. Draw a scheme that represents water cycle.
6. Draw a scheme that represents a nitrogen cycle with the 2 loops.
7. Write an essay that will describe the ecological successions in the area after a fire. Make sure that you show both the pioneer and the climax communities.
8. Write one paragraph that presents one of the symbiotic relationships.

## 4, 5, and 6 are counted as labs and will give you 3 lab credits. Lab #5 Cycles in an Ecosystem

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