Maggie's Webquest Task 3

Task 3

In this task you will be exploring the science behind tobacco.

You will be visiting websites to find your information. Be prepared to paraphrase and write in your own words.

Also, remember to keep your research note organized by topics or titles.

When you are done with this task, save your work in MS Word.



You may use a search engine such as Yahoo or the websites listed above to look up the following topics:

Feel free to include any other information you found interesting or important to this topic.

Expectations and Evaluation

You will be expected to:

Explain what makes tobacco addictive.

Explain the chemistry happening in the body of a smoker.

Explain the life expectancy of a smoker.

Explain the side effects of smoking.

Name and explain the diseases related to smoking.

Identify and describe the people who are affect by these diseases.

Describe and explain the effects of smoking during pregnancy.

Describe and explain the survey on teenage smooking.