Cycle III 2002



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1.  A class folder must be kept, maintained and presented every day of class.

            The file folder contains all the class work and home works, every attended class aim, reading assignments, written responses, projects and final compositions. In addition all texts, books, library books, lent materials must be returned or credit is forfeit.

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1.  First Person Narrative:  The Autobiographical Memoir – Final Draft Word Process                  Theme: There are memories of the past that will always last.

            Format: Beginning, middle and end stories of true life.

Six (6) memoirs

A record of aims completed, outlines, paragraphs and drafts           

            Family, Memories, School, Work, Summers, Careers, Life Style_________


2.  Complete 3 movie reviews of three paragraphs each demonstrating a description, opinion and recommendation.  Must have class aim notes, rough and final drafts.


3.  Read Tapestry, the class anthology, and answer all the questions on 2 themes and write a reflective essay that shows the student’s understanding.  The class will choose the great themes of human endeavor on this earth that explain how history and literature have made us who we are today:

_________      _________      ________        _________      _________      __________


4. Complete 2 sentence packet exercises.

            Subordination and conjunction           __________________________________

            Independent and dependent                __________________________________


5. Vocabulary list of 50 useful literary terms and demonstrate and understanding of meaning and usage: Fiction, non-fiction, plot, character, theme, scene. setting, narrator, point of view, first person narrative, third person narrative, autobiography, biography, genre, romantic comedy, romantic drama, comedy, farce, satire, tragedy, drama, action

thriller, murder mystery, horror, gothic drama, kinky terror science fiction thriller, symbolize, figurative language, simile, metaphor, ironic ending,


6. Three hand out short stories will be read, comprehended and a literary essay will be presented explaining the critical lens that unites them all.


7. Final presentation.