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OVERVIEW: Desktop publishing is assembling words and pictures on a page, using a computer to build whole pages that can be printed and using a printer as a personal printing press.

OBJECTIVES: At the completion of this two-cycle course, students should be able to use the desktop publishing system in conjunction with the publishing process to create, plan, and produce designs for a variety of business applications which include: Personal designs: Resumes, reports, greeting cards Business designs: Letterheads, business cards, advertising flyers, fax cover sheets, agendas

PREREQUISITES: In order to perform the hands-on exercises, the student should possess a basic knowledge of the keyboard and of MSWord.

SOFTWARE/TEXTBOOKS/MATERIALS: Adobe In-Design, Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Illustrator and other software selected by the instructor, Internet, textbooks, and additional materials to be developed by the instructor.

OUTCOMES: This class will provide the broad pre-employment knowledge and skills necessary to obtain entry-level employment. It will help students learn desirable work habits and behavior patterns. In creating the following projects students will have to plan alone and with a group, design, read, spell, punctuate, discuss, and decide what they want and how they want it. In working with others students will learn to listen, cooperate, communicate, and think creatively.




  • How do I use the computer room?
  • How do I use the toolbox?
  • Review of the Tools/placing text
  • How do I create/edit a story?
  • How do I format paragraph indents?
  • How do I set column guides?
  • How do I use text flow?
  • .How do I use columns and alter text? What is a resume?
  • How do I create my own properly formatted resume?
  • How do I enhance a resume?
  • How can I create a flyer as an advertising tool?
  • With tear-off strips?
  • How do I add color to a flyer?
  • What is a fax cover transmittal sheet?
  • What is an agenda?
  • How do I format an agenda?
  • How can I change the format of an agenda?
  • What materials would I need to create for my own company?
  • How do I create stationery, business cards, letterheads and logos?
  • How do I format a greeting card?


To work in tandem with an English teacher of Creative Writing. The same students should be programmed for both periods so we can work together, creating a literary journal by combining student writing (stories, poems, essays, etc.) with photos, drawings, and original and Internet-researched artwork. We can, of course, take it further by including the Web Design teacher in this grouping and having the students put this journal up on the Web, perhaps calling it "LINK and IMAGINATION."

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