Questions Your Project Will Address


  • How does a child develop physically, socially and emotionally, cognitively and verbally from birth to age 5?
  • How can an adult interact with a child at a specific age to support a child's development, feelings, security, and learning.
  • What are some of the general warning signs a child may exhibit that might indicate that a child is not progressing as he or she should?



Your project should have a title and begin with an introduction about child development. Include information about your efforts as well. The focal portion of your work will be a time line, life map or chart which uses pictures and words to show how a child develops from birth to 5 years.

In each of the age categories which are listed below:

At the end of each year of growth:

The final portion of your project will be a discussion about the general warning signs a child may exhibit which could be an indication that the child is not progressing as he or she should.

Finally, you will share your work with a small group of classmates.



SHARING: This project will take the place of your final exam for this course. To receive credit for your work you will participate in a sharing activity during the final exam period in June.

Suggestions for a lens through which to work on this project:

  1. A mother, father, aunt, uncle of a child�when I've been, where I am, where I'm headed in terms of the development of your child. Your work could include diary entries, pictures of your child. You might consider putting it in a book format.
  2. A nervous parent who wants to understand how his/her new child will develop.
  3. The parent of a 2 year old that isn't speaking yet.
  4. The parent of a child who crawls backward.
  5. The parent of an aggressive 3-year old.
  6. A father who doesn't have as much contact with his child as he would like�but that time that he does have, he wants to make sure every minute counts.
  7. You are the parent of a child in 3rd grade and the school has told you your child is disabled. "How come I didn't see this before" you ask�so you go back and look at the development and what you missed.