The policies below reflect a vision of minimal requirements for succeeding in math class. Of course, those students who excel in math meet, and often exceed these standards. Lateness to class, excessive talking, lack of focus, and poor homework are the usual causes of low grades in any class. Students who have poor basic skills should take advantage of the extra help classes that are offered every MON, TUES, and THURS from 2:30-3:30



1. ATTEND CLASS DAILY - If you are absent you must bring a note from home. You are responsible for making up the classwork and homework for that day. You have the phone numbers of three of your classmates in your daily planner.

2. COME PREPARED - Bring your textbook, homework, looseleaf binder, a calculator, a ruler, graph paper, and pens & pencils. Notes may be taken in ink, but math problems and activities must be done in pencil. Also, participate by asking and answering questions that relate to mathematics.

3. HOMEWORK - Starting Wednesday, 12/11, all homework for this class will be posted on this site. The grading system for homework is as follows:


3 = Complete and correct. All scrap work is shown.

2 = Minor errors on a few of the problems. All scrap work is shown.

1 = Incomplete and/or incorrect; or, no scrap work is shown.

0 = No homework was handed in.

##There is no way to make up a missed homework, unless you were absent.


4. MATERIALS - 8 1/2 x 11, 3 ring binder with looseleaf paper, red textbook, a scientific calculator(in the $15 price range) a ruler, and graph paper each day.