Working with DreamWeaver

After you have created your page in DreamWeaver, you will want to publish it. Using the Dreamweaver components, follow these instructions to transfer your work to the ( server OR to the ( server.

  • Locate & Click the Site on top line, 2 buttons to left of Help.
  • Locate & Click Define Sites, five down.

    You should now see this:

  • Select Local Info:
    • You will want to name this Site Name. Teachers or students depending on your role.
    • Local Root Folder will be the place where your work is being saved on your computer.
    • Leave everything as is after this point for now.

  • Next Select Remote Info, second line down on left.
  • On right side where it says None change that to FTP.
  • Supply this info:
      FTP Host: (
      Host Directory: webdocs/
      Ignore other check boxes
      Press OK at bottom.

    If this screen appears, click the check box which says:
    "Don't Show me this message again" and then OK.

  • Now that you have Defined the session you should see it as a choice:

    Click Done and you should see this sceeen. (What you see on right should be your work)

  • In Right Window your should see your files.
  • Now Select Site button on top again and choose Connect.
  • Enter Password Now. DO NOT CHOOSE Save Password on a public computer. press OK
  • You should now see your server account in left window.

    Transferring Files:

    • This is the classic FTP interface and works like many FTP programs. You can perform many functions such as delete, rename and more with this feature.
    • To move files: highlight the file or files you want to transfer from your computer to the web server by pressing the BLUE ARROW on the top line. To highlight more than one file, hold the CTRL key whiloe using the mouse to select your files.
    • To move files from server to your computer, highlight files as above, but this time use the GREEN ARROW.
    • If a dialogue box like this appears:

    • Click Don't Ask Me Again and Yes

      If all went correctly, your work should now be transferred to your web account on the server.
      Verify this by going to your web address.

      Now in the Future all you need to do is select Site and choose Open site and teachers will be there, Click on teachers and then Site, Connect and you are back in business.

      If you have further questions or any problems, contact Ted