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I teach Library and Computer at Brooklyn College Academy/Bridges to Brooklyn
While typing near a pond a creature jumped onto my web page.


Some Links to Many Interesting Sites

  • Cyber Library
  • Let the Search Begin
  • Brooklyn Public Library
  • Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture
  • Awesome Library. Educational links in many languages
  • The Library of Congress. (A place you must visit)
  • Internet Libraries
  • The LibrarySpot
    Basic HTML Links For the Web Page Novice. Created by Ted Nellen
  • HTML
    Powerpoint Tutorial
  • Electric Teacher-Powerpoint
  • Powerpoint in the Classroom
    Why not Links
  • Creating the Cyber School
  • World Time
  • JAZZ
  • NYS Regents practice
  • Best Books for Young Adults 2002

    My Work for My Students:

  • 7th grade computer
  • EWSS 02 Final Project
  • Homework
  • Webquest
  • About You

    My teaching brings students closer to their computers.
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