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I teach fourth grade at Our Saviour Lutheran School, The Bronx

        Welcome to my homepaage.  I hope you will find it useful as you naavigate the Internet for additional information for your schoolwork.  Have fun!

        For those of you who are up to the challenge I have included a matrix of webquests.  Simply click on to the webquest link to explore the possibilities.

Take the Challenge
by Zaida Echavarry
For Grades 3 to 6  All Subjects


As you may know, a matrix is something within which something else originates.  The matrix begins with a list of subjects you may be interested in exploring.  It goes on to subdivide those subjects into grade levels.  The leveled subjects then open up into different numbers of webquests into which you may want to enter.


First you will need to click on to this
webquest matrix link. The using the back button return to the instructions listed below to select webquests to try out
  1. Read through the column of subjects on the left hand side of the screen.
  2. Select a grade level range from the categories in the row  of that subject column.
  3. Click onto the number in the grade level row.
  4. Read through the column of topics related to the subject you selected also located on the left hand side of the screen.
  5. Read the description of the webquest in the row of the topic.
  6. Select a webquest.


You will use all the links available in the different webquests to help you find the answers to your question(s).
You can also link on to the dictionary to help you find the meanings of words which are unfamiliar to you.  Try context clues first!

The Process

You will work either by yourself or with a friend to select a webquest of interest.


Click onto rubric link to view the worksheet on which you will rate the quests.
You will decide if  the answers you and/or your buddy's came up with during the webquest fully answered your question(s).


Remember that your desire to learn about different ideas, subjects, or topics inspired you to go on the webquest(s).  If not all of your answers were found, you just might be ready for a higher level webquest! Go for it!  Or, maybe you chose one that you weren't quite ready to explore.  If that is the case, no harm done.  Try another one.  One of the great things about webquests is that they help us figure out what we know, but also help us figure out how much we want to know about a topic.  Your desire to know will lead you in the best direction. Tell your friends about the Matrix of Webquests.  I am sure you will all have a really great time while learning  a whole lot of stuff!!!


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