School Name- Username- Password
Adult & Continuing Education- Nycareers- Adult
Austin McCormick Island Academy- Nycareers- Amia
Auxiliary Services For High Schools- Nycareers- Auxiliary
Baccalaureate School- Nycareers- Bsge
Beacon School- Nycareers- Beacon
Borough Academies- Nycareers- Borough
Bronx Coalition Community H.S.- Nycareers- Bcchs
Bronx Little School- Nycareers- Bronx
Bronx Regional High School- Nycareers- Brhs
Brooklyn International High School- Nycareers- Bihs
Brooklyn College Academy- Nycareers- Brooklyn
Career Education Center- Nycareers- Career
Cascades Center For Teaching & Learning- Nycareers- Cascades
Central Park East- H.S.- Nycareers- Cpehs
Choir Academy Of Harlem- Nycareers- Choir
City As School- Nycareers- City
Co-op Tech Education- Nycareers- Tech
Coalition School / Social Change- Nycareers- Change
Concord High School- Nycareers- Concord
East New York Family Academy- Nycareers- Family
EBC High School - Bushwick- Nycareers- Bushwick
EBC High School - East N.Y.- Nycareers- Eastny
Eight Plus Program- Nycareers- Eight
Ella Baker Elementary School- Nycareers- Baker
Fannie Lou Hamer HS- Nycareers- Hamer
Freedom Academy- Nycareers- Freedom
Gregorio Luperon Preparatory- Nycareers- Luperon
High School Of Redirection- Nycareers- Redirection
High School Of World Cultures- Nycareers- Worldcultures
Horizons Academy- Nycareers- Horizons
Hostos-Lincoln Academy- Nycareers- Lincoln
Landmark School- Nycareers- Landmark
Legacy Schl/Integrated Studies- Nycareers- Legacy
Liberty High School- Nycareers- Liberty
Literacy Center James Baldwin- Nycareers- Baldwin
Literacy Center Frederick Douglass- Nycareers- Douglass
Lower East Side Prep.- Nycareers- Lowereast
Manhattan Village Ballet Tech- Nycareers- Ballet
Manhattan Village Academy- Nycareers- Manhattan
Manhattan International High School- Nycareers- Mihs
Metropolitan Corporate Academy- Nycareers- Metropolitan
Monroe Academy For Visual Arts & Design- Nycareers- Arts
Monroe Academy For Business & Law- Nycareers- Business
New School For Arts & Sciences- Nycareers- New
NY Vocational Training Center- Nycareers- Vocational
Offsite Educational Service- Nycareers- Offsite
Outreach Program- Nycareers- Outreach
Pacific High School- Nycareers- Pacific
Park East High School- Nycareers- Park
Passages Academy- Nycareers- Passages
Phoenix Academy High School- Nycareers- Phoenix
Program For Pregnant/Parenting Teens- Nycareers- Parenting
Project Blend- Nycareers- Blend
Project YOU- Project- You
Project Blend- Nycareers- Blend
Public School Repertory Co.- Nycareers- Repertory
R. F. Wagner, Jr. Inst. For Arts & Tech.- Nycareers- Wagner
R.I. Educ Facility (Rikers)- Nycareers- Rikers
Rosewood (Rikers)- Nycareers- Rosewood
Satellite Academy- Nycareers- Satellite
School For The Physical City- Nycareers- Physical
Second Opportunity Schools- Nycareers- Opportunity
Street Academy- Nycareers- Street
Unity- Nycareers- Unity
University Heights- Nycareers- Heights
Urban Academy Laboratory School- Nycareers- Uals
Urban Peace Academy- Nycareers- Peace
Vanguard School- Nycareers- Vanguard
West Side- Nycareers- Westside
Wings Academy- Nycareers- Wings