Location Session One:
9:15 - 10:30
Session Two:



Session Three:
Honoring NoraLee Montemarano:
Student Film Festival:
3:00 - 4:00

Library Lab

Landscapes with Photoshop
- Dwayne Herron, SOS
Teaching ESL with PowerPoint
- Brad Baker, Adult Ed
- Lynn Plunkett, Queens Academy
Gym: Presentation Honoring NoraLee Montemarano
Gym: Festival of Student Flash and Digital Films
Lab 227
Integrating Excel for Teaching
- Ben Sherman, Lower East Side Prep
Having an Oracle Academy in Your School
- Henry Ruan and LuQuan Wong, LESP
5-minute Journeying
- Madeline Slovenz, Baccalaureate
curated by Andre Knights and George Metzger
Lab 203
Understanding and using free, Open Source Software
- Selso DaSliva/ New York Linux Scene
Using Photoshop
- Claudia Barrett, Bronx Tech
D-Film and other resources for ESL, Literacy and Literature
- Chris Johnson, Pregnant Teens
Lab 327
Nicenet Free Online Course Builder - Sally O'Connell, HS Redirection
HTML, FTP and Pico Editor
- Justo Leon, James Baldwin Literacy Center
Filamentality Webquests
- Bob Kauffman, ASHS
Rm 214
Art Videos
- Adriana Santiago, Cascades
Classes in Blackboard
- Tilla Elahi, Adult Ed
Claymation Animation Using a Stillcam and iMovie
Renee Dryg, RF Wagner, Jr Arts&Tech
Rm 216
Student Publications and the Waterways Project
- Jack Giordano, VTC

Digital Video Editing with Final Cut Pro
- Ray Riga, Beacon

The Neighborhood is the Network - Creating a Paperless Classroom
- Ben Sherman, LESP
Rm 218
PowerPoint and ESL
- Wendy Wen and Brad Baker, Adult Ed
Using Inspiration - Celeste Palmer, Monroe Bus.&Law
Intro to TI83 Plus Calculators
- German Arregui, Liberty
Rm 303
Creating a Technology Saavy School Community
Pablo Zatz, Manhattan Int'l
PowerPoint to Dreamweaver for Project-Based Learning
- Reggie Brown, ASHS
Computer Art
- Troy Richards, Nathaniel Katz, Monroe Visual Arts
Rm 304
TeachNet and ThinkQuest for web projects
- Henry Ruan, LESP

Digital Video
- Mike Lattimore, ASHS

Rm 306
Kids and their Web Pages
Jacqueline Cabrera, Hostos-Lincoln Academy
How to Make Your Broken Laser Printers Work
- Rob Marino, Concord HS
Open Source (Linux) Software for Education
- Rob Marino, Concord HS/Selso DaSilva
Music Room
Digital Performers (audio)
- Albert Bouchard, West Side