Media Literacy Resources

Media Literacy Clearinghouse
Numerous articles, background and lesson plans designed to help teachers integrate media literacy into classroom instruction.

Project Literacy Among Youth
A not-for-profit sponsorship of media literacy among youth. Many youth are media literate to a certain degree; however, more youth lack a media literacy framework within which they can evaluate a wide array of media that currently exist in the forms of objects, pring, still images, moving images (photography, film and video) and the newer digital media via computer and Internet technologies.

The Center for Media Literacy
is dedicated to a new vision of literacy for the 21st century:
The ability to communicate competently in all media forms, print and electronic, as well as to access, understand, analyze and evaluate the powerful images, words and sounds that make up our contemporary mass media culture.

Media Rights
is a web site that helps media makers, educators, nonprofits, and activists use documentaries to encourage action and inspire dialogue on contemporary social issues.

Adbusters Spoof Ads

The Media Access Project


Center for Media Education - for Teens!

Gender Portrayals
Lessons and Units, ideas for classroom activities, and supporting resources

Body Image/Sexism in Advertisements - Article

Just Think
teaches young people to understand the words and images in media, and think for themselves.

The Canadian Strategy to Promote Safe, Wise and Responsible Internet Use
The Media Awareness Network offers practical support for media education in the home, school and community.

The Society of the Spectacle by Guy Debord The greatest book ever on the spell woven by media that simultaneously enthralls us and robs us of lived experience (like The Senses Taker in Norton Juster's "The Phantom Tollbooth"!)

Some Alternative Press Sources:

The Progressive
seeks to enrich the national debate on controversial public issues by featuring the ideas, opinions, and analyses too often overlooked by the mainstream media.