Internet Access Permission and Release

Dear Student,

The New York City Department of Education has established rules and guidelines for student access to the Internet, in order to help ensure that schools provide a safe online environment. We have attached a copy of the Department's “Internet Acceptable Use Policy,” and the “Superintendency’s Internet Acceptable Use Policy.” Please read these policies carefully. Students accessing the Internet through school must agree to observe these and any other policy and/or guidelines set forth by the Department and your school. The Board reserves the right to restrict, supervise, and review each student's use of the Internet to make sure that it is in compliance with these rules of safety.

In an effort to promote responsible use of the Internet at school, The Department requires that students and their parents or guardians sign this Internet Access Permission and Release in order to gain access to the Internet through school. Student, please confirm by initialing in the space provided after you have read and agreed to each point.

I understand that I will not:

  Student Initials
  • Give out home phone numbers, addresses or other personal information.
  • Send or receive personal messages for other than educational purposes.
  • Access pornographic or obscene materials.
  • Vandalize data, software or equipment.
  • Use the Internet for advertising or commercial purposes.
  • Send or receive material that is racist, sexist, inflammatory, hateful or obscene.
  • Use copyright or trademark protected materials without permission.
I have read the New York City Department of Education's Internet Acceptable Use Policy, and the “Superintendency’s Internet Acceptable Use Policy.” I hereby agree to use the Internet in a responsible and safe manner and to comply with such rules and policies.

Signed by:____________________________________(Student)
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