IMNY Submission Form For NYC Alternative Schools

submit to: Dempsey Rice: [email protected] with a cc: to Andre Knights: [email protected]

IMNY is a journalistic adventure for and by New York City's public school students, exploring the unique stories, neighborhoods and challenges of our City's young people through a combination of first-person narrative documentaries produced by young people and interactive conversations between the youth of New York and relevant civic, political and social leaders.

TITLE: ______________________________________________________________
Original Production Format: VHS ______ Hi8 _____ DV _____ Other ______________
Master Format: Beta _____ DV_____ Other __________ Total Running Time: ______
Category: Narrative ___ Documentary ___ Animation ___ Experimental ___ Other ___

School Name: _________________________________________________________
Contact Person: _______________________________________________________
Phone: ________________________ Fax: ____________________________
Email: _________________________ Web Site: _________________________
Description of Piece: