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  • EduSolution. - NYS High School Regents - see the most recent and past NYS Regents exams. Great for classroom test and exam practice. ( Added: 2002-05-23, Hits: 154, )
  • New York State Regents Exams - Many - but not all - NYS Regents High School Exams are available online in TIFF, GIF and/or PDF format. Availability of Regents exams varies by subject and year. (Regents Exams in PDF format for 1998 forward are provided by the Office of Curriculum, Asses ( Added: 2002-05-23, Hits: 330, )
  • Regents Exam Prep Center! - The goal of this nonprofit site is to help high school students meet the New York State Regents requirements in English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. This project is supported by a federally-funded Title III Technology Literacy Challenge Gran ( Added: 2002-06-11, Hits: 198, )