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  • Margaret Mead 1901-1979 - arguably the most renowned anthropologist of all time, contributing to the development of the discipline, as well as, introducing its insights to thousands of people outside the academy. Her work continues to contribute to the understanding of people arou ( Added: 2002-11-12, Hits: 19, )
  • Margaret Mead, Derek Freeman, and the is - argues that the central issue in the Mead-Freeman controversy is evolution and that Margaret Mead was anti-evolutionary ( Added: 2002-11-12, Hits: 20, )
  • Margaret Mead: Human nature and the Powe - the Library of Congress presents a selection of materials from its extensive Mead collection, which came to the Library after her death. The corpus of notes and other field materials that Mead preserved are available to scholars interested in evaluating a ( Added: 2002-11-12, Hits: 13, )
  • Why remember Margaret Mead? - The life of a single individual can symbolize important abstractions. Mead was committed to anthropology as a human science and to learning from other cultures. ( Added: 2002-11-12, Hits: 16, )