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  • Partnering with Parents - highlights parent-school collaborative models in New Jersey schools that are making a positive commitment to parent involvement ( Added: 2003-02-28, Hits: 8, )
  • The "Hard-To-Reach" Parent - Old Challenges, New Insights ...Many parents labeled "hard-to-reach" are self-sufficient, motivated, and involved in their children’s education. ( Added: 2003-02-28, Hits: 15, )
  • The New York City Department of Educatio - Resources and Information for Parents/Guardians...News and current events of interest to parents and the community. ( Added: 2003-06-16, Hits: 2, )
  • Together We Can - A step by step guide guide for communities interested in creating a profamily system of integrated services to address the complicated problems children and families face in today’s society. l Profiles of four collaboratives with initiatives to i ( Added: 2003-02-28, Hits: 2, )
  • What Students Need to Know - The involvement of parents and other adults is an essential factor in the educational process. However, in order to be effectively involved, parents need specific information on course selection and course content. They need to know how these factors ( Added: 2003-02-28, Hits: 9, )