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  • DFILM - DFILM was founded in 1997 as one of the first major showcases of digital filmmaking. The goal from the beginning was to show how new technology was allowing ordinary consumers to express themselves in exiting new ways. It can be utilized for a variety of ( Added: 2003-03-12, Hits: 11, )
  • Innovation Odyssey - Visit the new Innovation Odyssey Web site and let your odyssey begin. You’ll discover how teachers around the world are using technology—right now—in exciting ways to support student learning. From navigating the Idaho outdoo ( Added: 2002-01-24, Hits: 47, )
  • - a series of workshops designed to help educators implement filmmaking in the classroom. In these workshop educators learn about project based learning, design lessons aligned with standards and learn how to film and edit video. ( Added: 2003-06-09, Hits: 1, )
  • Profiler - helps groups of individuals improve their skills around a general topic by inspiring cooperation and collaboration among teachers and students within a school. The best way to see Profiler in action is to experiment with the demonstration. Try the Basic T ( Added: 2003-06-09, Hits: 1, )
  • - Introduce children to: * major events of history; * great achievements of civilization; * extraordinary men and women who have shaped our world; * works of music, dance, drama, literature and the visual arts; and * ethical, social, and cultural ( Added: 2002-09-25, Hits: 32, )
  • Visible Knowledge Program, The - VKP pairs artist-instructors with high school educators and their students to explore new ways of integrating contemporary art with core high school curricula. The curriculum units can be found on their Web site in PDF format and schools are invited to se ( Added: 2002-01-29, Hits: 44, )