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American Museums (16)
Foreign Museums (3)
  • - A wide variety of resources of art from the great masters to Warhol to student competition pieces. ( Added: 2002-01-14, Hits: 66, )
  • Asian Art Museum - one of San Francisco’s premier arts institutions...permanent collection of more than 13,000 objects, spanning 6,000 years of history and representing the countries and cultures throughout Asia. ( Added: 2002-02-07, Hits: 44, )
  • exploratorium. - the Exploratorium is a collage of over 650 science, art, and human perception exhibits. The Exploratorium is a leader in the movement to promote the museum as an educational center ( Added: 2002-01-24, Hits: 45, )
  • Museum of Bad Art - - "It takes a lot of fine wine to truly appreciate bad art.". ... Art too bad to be ignored". a community-based, private institution dedicated to the collection, preservation, exhibition and celebration of bad art in all its forms and in ( Added: 2002-02-07, Hits: 57, )
  • Museum of Depressionist Art - Depressionism, according to the landmark Johnson & Jansen "Big Book o’ Art Stuff," is not limited to a single place or time. Instead it reflects the low point of an otherwise highly regarded artist’s career...specializes in the art ( Added: 2002-06-11, Hits: 31, )