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  • Babel Fish - The AltaVista Translation box (also called Babel Fish) enables you to translate short passages to and from English to a number of languages and to and from several specific pairs of languages (for example, German to English, English to German). You can al ( Added: 2002-01-23, Hits: 143, )
  • Casa de Joanna - This page was designed to be a jumping off point for Middle School and High School folks, teachers and students alike, who are exploring the Web as part of their language-learning. Internet-based sources are fabulously rich, but they are just a beginning, ( Added: 2003-02-01, Hits: 5, )
  • Daily Linguist - learn foreign languages with "phrase of the day") ( Added: 2002-02-06, Hits: 73, )
  • EFL/ESL Lessons and Lesson Plans - From The Internet TESL Journal ( Added: 2003-01-27, Hits: 34, )
  • Eurocosm - Learn English, French, German, Italian and Spanish AT THE SAME TIME for FREE using our online Active Language´┐Ż Lab! ( Added: 2002-02-07, Hits: 76, )
  • Foreign Language Test Database - a searchable database of secondary and college level tests in languages other than English. ( Added: 2002-02-07, Hits: 61, )
  • - A selection of the best free Translators, Dictionaries and language Courses on the web. Easy to use, and for all languages. ( Added: 2002-08-08, Hits: 47, )
  • - an easy-to-use site for rapid translations where you can get the "gist" of foreign language text and web pages... The fastest web-based translation service available. And it’s FREE! ( Added: 2002-02-07, Hits: 72, )
  • iLoveLanguages! - your biggest and best guide to language-related Web sites... the latest redesign of The Human-Languages Page and the Languages catalog of the WWW Virtual Library. The more than 2000 links at iLoveLanguages have been hand-reviewed to bring you the best lan ( Added: 2002-02-07, Hits: 75, )
  • Languages Made Clear - a project dedicated to the free, online teaching of as many languages as possible. We’ve got material on English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Italian and Esperanto. We also prepare support for Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Turk ( Added: 2002-02-07, Hits: 90, )
  • - Find a partner at the free community and practice your second language (any language) with a native speaker who is learning your language. We host your online practice with lesson plans, text chat rooms and more. Learn English, French or Spanish from a li ( Added: 2002-02-06, Hits: 83, )
  • SearchESL - Search jobs, find employees, post resumes and use ESL directory for ESL information ( Added: 2003-05-21, Hits: 8, )
  • Voice of America - radio broadcasts including: New American Voices is a radio program series originated by the Voice of America in Washington, D.C. People of many nationalities who have chosen to make America their home speak to VOA about jobs, education, acculturation and ( Added: 2002-02-06, Hits: 54, )