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CUNY: City University of New York

How Stuff Works

Office of Adult and Continuing Education
GED Prep., ESL (English as a Second Language), Office Skills using Microsoft Office, Nursing. http://oace.altschools.org/

Alternative High Schools

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SOHO: Small Office Home Office

Small Business Administration:

CCH Business Owner's Toolkit: Toppick
Lots of useful information in the SOHO Guidebook and Business Tools. http://www.toolkit.cch.com/

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Online News Services, TV and Radio Shows, Magazines and Newspapers

Online News Services

Ecola Newsstand: Toppick
Guide to English-Language Media Online.
Newspapers . . . read the press from the U.S. and the world
Magazines . . . browse in over one hundred categories
Search for a Publication Name . . . over 6,800 titles listed at Ecola
Search in Article Archives . . . full-text searches of daily newspapers. http://www.ecola.com/

Africa News Online

Association of Concerned African Scholars:
Founded in 1977, the Association of Concerned Africa Scholars (ACAS) is a group of scholars and students of Africa dedicated to: formulating alternative analyses of Africa and U.S. government policy, developing communication and action networks between the peoples and scholars of Africa and the United States, and mobilizing support in the United States on critical, current issues related to Africa. http://www.prairienet.org/acas

One World News Service

Pan African News Agency

CNN Interactive

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TV and Movies

Discovery Channel:
CyberLife, Program Schedules, and links to the Web sites discussed in each show. http://www.discovery.com/

A PBS TV show about the Internet. (Sat.'s 10am Ch. 25 on QUICS) Contains links to Web sites and information that they cover in the show. http://ontheinternet.com/

Life on the Internet:
This on-line version of the public television series provides a good example of the Web's multimedia capabilities. Topics covered include Internet commerce, software encryption, the history of the Internet, and electronic cash. http://www.pbs.org/internet/

Oprah Winfrey Show:

PBS Online:
Public Broadcasting Service. http://www.pbs.org/

Popular Mechanics Show:
(Sun. 12-1pm on the Discovery Channel) http://popularmechanics.com/

Sci-Fi Channel

Small Business 2000:
Show on starting and growing small businesses. 800-449-9309. Ch. 25, Sun. 8:30 AM on QUICS. http://www.sb2000.com

The first 24-hour network totally devoted to people with a passion for cars, boats, planes and motorcycles. It's a channel that delivers up-to-the-minute industry news, exciting coverage of major professional racing events from around the world and fascinating lifestyle programs. Viewers will also enjoy historical documentaries and instructional "how-to" shows that give invaluable tips and advice from the experts. Speedvision also features manufacturer's showcases designed to provide valuable purchase information on vehicles and accessories.

So, if it flies, drives, or cruises, viewers can find it on Speedvision, the only network to provide comprehensive, authoritative coverage of the automotive, marine and aviation industries. http://www.speedvision.com

Search for television shows that match certain criteria. Includes cable TV. http://www.tv1.com

Search list for current movies, times, and locations. http://www.movielink.com

Siskel and Ebert:
Weekly movie and video reviews. Searchable Database of 12 Years of Siskel & Ebert's Votes. http://www.siskel-ebert.com/

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The MIT List of Radio Stations on the Internet:
Links to Over 9000 Radio Stations. http://wmbr.mit.edu/stations/

Car Talk by the Tappet brothers.
Airs on Saturdays 10 to 11 AM on 93.9 FM (in the tri-state area). 800-332-9287. http://cartalk.com/

Pacifica Radio:
Pacifica is the nation's first listener-supported, community-based radio network: KPFA Berkeley (94.1), KPFK Los Angeles (90.7), WBAI New York (99.5), KPFT Houston (90.1), WPFW Washington, D.C. (89.3) and 57 affiliates in 27 states. It features the Pacifica Network News, a weekday evening newscast produced by Julie Drizin and hosted by Verna Avery Brown, and Democracy NOW!, a weekday election year show hosted by Pacifica's award-winning Amy Goodman. The Pacifica Program Service distributes award-winning arts and public affairs productions, and the Pacifica Radio Archive, recognized by the National Archives for its unique holdings, offers over 40,000 Pacifica and independent programs on tape for distribution to all of public radio. http://www.pacifica.org/

WBAI 99.5 Pacifica Radio:
Listener supported. A valuable source of information that is usually excluded or misrepresented in the major media. Some of the shows are: Natural Living with Gary Null, Talkback! with Utrice Leid, Off the Hook with Emmanuel Goldstein, Personal Computer Show with Joe King, Hank Kee and Dave Burstein. http://www.wbai.org/

WLIB 1190 AM: in New York City
Live broadcast via RealAudio Player. http://www.wlib.com

WBLS 107.5 FM: in New York City
Live broadcast via RealAudio Player. http://www.wbls.com/

NetRadio Network:
Listen to different types of music from all over the world using the RealAudio Player. Over 150 audio channels. http://www.netradio.com/

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Magazines and Newspapers

Ecola Newsstand: Toppick
Guide to English-Language Media Online.
Newspapers . . . read the press from the U.S. and the world
Magazines . . . browse in over one hundred categories
Search for a Publication Name . . . over 6,800 titles listed at Ecola
Search in Article Archives . . . full-text searches of daily newspapers. http://www.ecola.com/

The Bedford-Stuyvesant Current Toppick
"The Bedford-Stuyvesant Current is a community publication which believes it is in our advertisers, as well as our community's, best interest to provide information that empowers them to improve the quality of life in their neighborhoods. Our circulation is concentrated among, typically Black adult readership, male and female, between the ages of 19-70. Each issue is filled with features, reviews, listings of places to go, things to do and hard hitting issues that concern our community; our readers look to us for ideas that stimulate their minds and inspire them to get involved in community issues and are willing to support businesses that support the community in which we live." http://cncn.com/current/

Black-Collegian Online: Toppick
THE BLACK COLLEGIAN Online is the electronic version of the 27 year old, national career opportunities magazine. In addition to the abundance of career planning/job search information, there is commentary by leading writers of African ancestry, lifestyle/entertainment features, general information on college life, and news of what's happening on college campuses today. http://www.black-collegian.com/

Black Enterprise Magazine:

Career Magazine
Lots of employment related articles and resources. Plus, Resume Bank, Career Forum, Immigration Issues, etc. http://www.careermag.com/

Database Programming and Design: Toppick

the Network Journal:
Black professional and small business news. http://www.tnj.com/

E/The Environmental Magazine:
"Was conceived during the "Greenhouse Summer" of 1988, amid reports of medical waste on New Jersey shores, fires in Yellowstone National Park, and increased public interest in environmental problems.

E's founders sought to create an independent newsstand-quality publication on environmental issues--a magazine that could educate, inspire and empower Americans to make a difference for the environment." http://emagazine.com/

InfoWorld Electric: Toppick
Excellent source for computer industry happenings. http://www.infoworld.com

The Cobb Group:
Inside Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 95 Professional, Inside Microsoft Office 95, Inside SCO Unix, Inside OS/2, plus links to several other resources on the net. http://www.cobb.com

LIFE Magazine:

Men's Health Magazine:

Mother Jones Magazine Toppick
Mother Jones magazine was named after Mary Harris Jones (1830-1930), a pioneer labor organizer known for her feisty spirit and devotion to the labor movement. The magazine was launched in 1976, with the purpose of reaching a significantly larger audience than that reached by existing progressive journals.

Mother Jones is a magazine of investigation and ideas for independent thinkers. Provocative and unexpected articles inform readers and inspire action toward positive social change. Colorful and personal, Mother Jones challenges conventional wisdom, exposes abuses of power, helps redefine stubborn problems and offers fresh solutions. http://www.motherjones.com/

NetWare Connection Magazine:

New York Times on the Web

On-Line Photography:

PHOTON Magazine:
Professional, 35mm and Digital editions     http://www.photonpub.co.uk/

Popular Mechanics Magazine:
Technology, Science, Automotive, Home Improvement, Outdoors, etc. http://popularmechanics.com/

Sandhills Publishing:
"Sandhills Publishing (formerly Peed Corporation) is an information processing company. Our diverse range of products and services includes six trade publications for the construction, trucking, aircraft, and computer industries, and two consumer computer magazines. We also provide specialized electronic information services for the construction equipment industry, and offer electronic versions of our publications on the Internet." http://www.peed.com/

PC Today Magazine/Processor Buyer's Directory:
Updated weekly, the Buyer's Directory lists 300+ leading mail-order vendors offering for sale 4000+ networking, microcomputer, software, peripheral, and new technology products. http://www.pctoday.com/

Smart Computing magazine, formerly PC Novice

Scientific American

Contains lots of information from the 16 magazines from CMP Publications. CMP publishes the following magazines: CommunicationsWeek , CommunicationsWeek International , Computer Reseller News, Computer Reseller News Germany, Computer Retail Week , Electronic Buyers' News , Electronic Engineering Times, HomePC , Informatiques Magazine , InformationWeek, InteractiveAge, Max, CD-ROM , NetGuide, Network Computing, OEM Magazine, VAR Business, Windows Magazine. http://techweb.cmp.com

Vibe Magazine

Village Voice:

WEB Techniques:

ZDNet: Toppick
Publisher of PC Magazine, PC Week, PC Computing, Computer Shopper, Windows Sources, MacUser, MacWEEK, Inter@ctive Week, Computer Life, FamilyPC, Computer Gaming World, Yahoo! Internet Life. http://www.zdnet.com

My Virtual Reference Desk: Toppick

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Travel & Tourism:

Caribbean Link Home Page:

Jamaica Tourist Board:

Welcome to the Caribbean:

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Carib Mall:
The Web Site for Caribbean Businesses to advertise. http://www.caribmall.com

Caribbean Virtual Marketplace
Provides an international medium for companies looking to do business with the Caribbean and also provide links to valuable information about the region. http://www.caribmarket.com

A provider of Internet presence's, connectivity and Internet commerce tools. http://www.itribe.net

The Un Cut Black Experience. http://www.melanet.com/

Tony Brown Online:

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