TEEN VIEWS..... ON THE NEWS Produced by Jim Murphy


This program is directed, produced and hosted by the students of Edward A. Reynolds West Side High School. Our initial (experimental) format is an 1 hour program broken up into 4 - 15 minute segments. Segment 1 will be a review of current news from an urban teenage perspective. Segments 2-3-4 will be based on themes that are of interest to our audience. If you would like to find out a little more about us...This Is Us !

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OUR GUESTS : Kenneth Christmon, Director Of Admissions at WILBERFORCE UNIVERSITY

Rendesia Scott, EOP Counselor at SUNY NEW PALTZ and

Ronda McClam, Graduating Senior and Ex-Teen Talker from SUNY NEW PALTZ





This is absolutely the best show we've ever done 'on going off to college'. Kenneth and Rendesia give a warm and clear explanation of their schools and the support systems that are in place for students that are coming out of the NYC. Ronda takes you through her (and very likely your) transition from the city to a non-urban college environment.

This show is available on request from : Teen Talk Productions

TEEN VIEWS 04/16/02 - SHOW #7 : 'RELATIONSHIPS...Can We Have A Little Communication Here'




TEEN VIEWS 03/26/02 - SHOW #6 :

'MUSIC and MEDIA...The Effects On Teens' with Vibe and XXposure


TEEN VIEWS 02/26/02 SHOW #5 : 'STEREOTYPES...Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover !'



"Our parents' attitudes and stereotypes are the first ones we hold!", "A child is not born with predjudice,it is learned!","My parents treated my girlfriend(different race) as if she didn't exist!" Our panal of students researched and reported their findings on the effects of stereotyping on our society. The general feeling was that stereotypes are most often negative BUT Chris Rock is really funny!

Our featured guest was Dr. Mark Naison, Chair of the African-American Studies Department at Fordham U. and author of the book 'White Boy...a memoir'. He recounted and illustrated many of the situations in his life that brought him to write this book as well as leading him to hold the position he has today. The student-reporters found that most of what he had to say still applies to them today.


September-December 2001 Shows


TEEN VIEWS 10/16 SHOW # 1 : 'Hate In The Neighborhood, Hate In The World'

STUDENT REPORTERS : Asia J., Jorge P., Jason C., Jared H., Danny G., Mike Z., Shary S. and Azure F.


"We are Arab-Americans...Muslim-Americans BUT we are AMERICANS !" "We are from many different cultures." "Women have the same rights in Islam. It is against Islam when men take away a woman's rights !"We set a record for call-ins...the phone calls were nonstop for the entire show. Many listeners even called to thank us for airing the show. Our guests were students from NYC Alternative Schools and from CITY KIDS whose families emigrated from countries that are primarily Islamic. Egypt, Morocco, Yemen and Pakistan were the countries of background. The students discussed their reactions and feelings in the wake of the World Trade Center disaster. The Teen Views students from West Side High Scts explained the many misinterpretations and misrepresentations that are part of the 'Media' portrayal ofwho they are and how misinformed the Press has been. Thank you to Brooklyn International HS, CITY KIDS and HS Economics and Finance. SOON TO BE AN AUDIO DOWNLOAD !!!


TEEN VIEWS 10/30 SHOW # 2 : 'MEDIA And FASHION...Effects On Fashion, Lifestyle And Sexuality When You Are A Teen'

STUDENT REPORTERS : Vanessa J., Asia J., Mario T.,Jared H., Daniel L., Jason C., John M. and Mike Zlegendz.


Teen Talk featured ANGELO ELLERBEE, President and founder of XXPOSURE, a major public relations company that represents DMX, MARY J. BLIGE, JA RULE and DIONNE WARWICK among many others. WHAT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OR OBLIGATION THAT RECORDING ARTISTS HAVE TO THEIR PUBLIC ? WHAT IS THEIR 'LYRICAL INTENT'? Angelo sees a more positive direction coming in the Hip Hop world. The other focus was on the connections between music and fashion marketing.Our other distinguished guest was ERIC PLINER from the 'Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center'.The discussion began with Eminem and Elton John and moved to music, fashion and 'coming out'. All agreed that it was not time to censor performers but that we should all hold them accountable for lyrics that promote homophobia or violence against women. Thankyou to Angelo and Eric for sharing their expertise and time with us.



TEEN VIEWS 11/27 SHOW #3 : 'RESILIENCE...Why Are Some People Able To Overcome All Obstacles'

STUDENT REPORTERS : Jared H., Francine N., Aedelis D., Jorge P., Maria C., Juan E., Micheal Z. and Asia J.


Why do some people 'make it' regardless of incredible hardships and obstacles.... and some people don't ???? Our guests overcame homelessness, gang-related incarceration, drug addiction and or are actively dealing with teen parenthood issues. Our guests : Kismet, Fred, and Mark are graduates of School For Visual Arts, Brooklyn College and John Jay College respectively. Eric Legatte is an activist with 'teen fathers' and currently directs a program called 'BABY MAMA DRAMA' which is successfully addressing the issue of supportive fathering by young men in NYC.




STUDENT REPORTERS : Raenel R., Francine N., Jason C., Lionel W., Vince T.,Aedelis D., Jorge P. and Jared H.

How do different families and different cultures celebrate the holidays ? Jews...Christians...Muslims...Three Kings...non-religious... African-Americans... Latinos... White Americans...Jamaicans/Island Peoples... the matrix would be very interesting.

Our special thanks to : Deborah Belsky, Hon. DAVID DINKINS and Rep. JOSE SERRANO

SHARDA SINGH from NYPIRG provided us with some wonderful ideas about alternative to the regular commercial gifts that are exchanged this time of year. Sharda reminds us to 'think' about how products are produced and who may be exploited in production. A reminder of the 'sweatshops that provide products to the American market.



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