"War and Healing"

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The curriculum that we will be studying is taken from a new curriculum called 'Echoes From The Wall' sponsored by Jan Scruggs and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund (www.vvmf.org). This curriculum, like the 'Wall', can be for healing, will enhance global understanding and help create future enlightened student historians and informed citizens. You will have the opportunity to become active learners in the gathering of history for the Library Of Congress through the Veterans History Project (www.loc.gov/folklife/vets). In your social studies class, you would be charged to record the oral histories of veterans from World War II (immediate need), The ALB-Spanish Civil War (only 113 left), The Korean War, The Vietnam War and The Gulf War (1,000's have died as a result of their participation).


The 'Echoes From The War' curriculum recommends that the students interview and research all aspects of the participants of the Vietnam Era. They would interact with Vietnam Veterans, Vietnamese-Americans and Vietnamese citizens that fought for Saigon or for Hanoi, anti-war activists, C.O.'s, Gold Star Mothers, and children that lost their fathers (Sons and Daughters In Touch- www.sdit.org). Everyone that was affected by the war should be interviewed. We need to promote organizations like the Veterans Education Project (www.vetsed.org). Our participation ensures that the notion that 'war is glorious' is clearly spoken to and challenged. This history is about the people not just the politicians and governments.