[ProgressiveEd] April 10

[email protected] [email protected]
Wed, 9 Apr 2003 07:12:43 EDT

Firstly, I would like to know what teacher was added to the delegation.  I 
suggested one and saw no other suggested. So who was chosen?
 Secondly, I hope we are basically supporting our 3 original requests, that 
is waivers, small school networks (headed by an appropriate person) and small 
schools becoming schools, not programs.
I feel this should be an educational discussion, based on how we see kids 
learning.  Every school can do better. That is why we are reflective.  
I personally stated at PENNY meetings that the DOE curriculum are not 
terrible.  We have to give them credit for that.  It is not Open 
Court/workbook phonics....it is a teacher book of activities.  It is not a 
basal, it is literature.  Everyday math, while not my choice, is not a text 
driven program. In the PS 172 model they are highlighting, teacher 
collaboration is stressed.  The teachers met about the Everyday Math on a 
regular basis and did not just implement all activities. They added some TERC 
and Math in the City activities. And please make sure that the "in the same 
box with the Republicans" type rhetoric is not there.  We want this to work 
for us.