[ProgressiveEd] Delegation for April 10

[email protected] [email protected]
Wed, 9 Apr 2003 08:44:09 EDT

Dear friends,
The following is the delegation of people going to see Chancellor Klein and 
Deputy Chancellor Cahill.  It's last minute, but please let me know if you 
think we should add anyone in particular.  Thank you (and see you tonight at 
the meeting).  Bruce Kanze
Benita Miller, a parent at Brooklyn New School
Stacy Dupres, a parent from Central Park East 1
Judy Garnar-Wortzel, a parent at Children's Workshop School
Val Mello, a parent at Computer School
Donna Brewster, principal of Gwendolyn Powell Brown Computer School, P.S. 144
Norma Morales, a guidance counselor at the Bronx International School
A student from the Bronx International School
Luisa Cruz, a teacher at River East Elementary School
Steve Siegelbaum, founding principal of Computer School
Bruce Kanze, Director, CCE
Respectfully submitted,
Bruce Kanze