[ProgressiveEd] Meeting with Joel Klein and Michele Cahill

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Fri, 11 Apr 2003 13:25:43 EDT

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<< Any news on the idea of clustering our schools within
Dear Carol and others,
Thanks for your question.  I'm sorry I didn't write about this in my original 
message.  (And I'm hoping that other delegates will write their accounts as 
well.)  Mr. Klein heard our argument in favor of putting our schools into 
networks with other schools that are like ours.  I think he's heard that 
before.  Michele Cahill said that they're working on the networks now.  She 
said that they're aware of the things we talked about (previous networks, how 
we do staff development), but that they intended to create "heterogeneous" 
networks.  We argued that we need a "critical mass" of our schools to build 
from within a network.