[ProgressiveEd] Individual School Survey -- Urgent

[email protected] [email protected]
Thu, 6 Feb 2003 14:15:08 EST

Dear school staff and school leaders,
The questions below are intended to help you describe your school.  Please 
feel free to change, delete, or add questions that help you describe your 
school.  We need immediate replies because we are going to collate all of the 
responses we get today and early tomorrow (Friday) and forward them to the 
chancellor and the mayor.  Part of the urgency is because regional 
superintendents are meeting this weekend to set up networks.  We have a 
contact with the mayor who will make sure that our responses are hand 
delivered.  Thank you for your immediate reply.
Bruce Kanze
• How many students do you have?
•What is the status of your “school” (program, academy, school)?
• How diverse is your school? How many boys, girls, what different 
ethnicities, languages, countries are there?  You might want to 
include poverty levels, if you think that’s relevant.
• What is the process for students to get into your school?
• Where do your students come from (neighborhoods, parts of 
the city)?
• What proportion of your school includes kids with learning 
• How do you support students with IEPs?
• What role do parents play in your community?  And to what 
degree are parents involved?
• Do you have a student government?
• How do your students fare after they leave your school 
(graduate, etc.)?
• Where does your teaching staff come from (universities)?
• How many years of teaching experience does your staff average?
• What support do you offer your teachers? How do you do staff 
•How do you assess your students and how do you report your 
knowledge of children to their parents?
•How do you develop curriculum?  What kinds of curriculums do
you do?  How does your school help teachers develop curriculum?
•What’s special about your school?  What special programs do you 
do?  Tell us the great things that you’re proud of about your