[ProgressiveEd] Proposed Agenda for Wednesday, February 26

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Thu, 13 Feb 2003 15:36:15 EST

(We're sending this out for your to think about and propose changes before 
the meeting.)
1.  Registration/sign-in - Ann to make sure each participant gets a copy of 
the draft mission statement and is assigned to a "region"
2.  Intro/welcoming remarks  (Bruce)
3.  Recap and interim reports  (Steven)
4.  Purpose of this meeting:  (Bruce)
We have four basic tasks at this point:
a.  develop a cohesive platform, a statement of our purpose/mission
b.  develop appropriate strategies to further our mission
c.  define our natural constituencies (parents, educators, professors of 
education, etc)
d.  identify and connect with potential allies
The purpose of this meeting will be to work on the first and second tasks 
sequentially and to come away from this meeting with an articulated sense 
of who we are and what our mission is, and to develop some strategies.
5.  Ground rules for this meeting  (Jane)
-try not to use jargon, initials, or assume that the group knows who 
specific folks are
-we are going to try very hard to limit folks to two minutes each time they 
-please try not to repeat statements that have already been made
-Jane will be the time-keeper and jargon-zapper
6.  Developing a cohesive statement of purpose/ mission statement
-want to do this work in small groups and give schools a chance to work 
together, so we will divide up - for the purposes of this meeting - into 
smaller groups by the newly defined DOE "regions"
-each group is asked to do the following:
*appoint someone to be the "report-back" person for the group
*read the draft document and respond to it:  does it work for you, your 
school?  As a group, make appropriate changes, edits, additions, etc.
*discuss what it would mean to have networks organized within each new 
region, or, as a whole (ie a city-wide "district/region" which would 
contain all the progressive schools).  What are the pros and cons of these 
two models, what would work for your schools?  Are there activities you 
could do now to promote the idea of a network of either model?
7.  Report back - each "region" reports back.  Chair makes note of points of 
agreement and of difference and summarizes.  Edited versions of mission 
statement given to Bruce for final re-write.
8.  Discussion about strategies
-present proposals:
    -getting a meeting with Klein/Lam/others
-planning a city-wide demonstration of parents and teachers of progressive 
        -general group discussion
9.  Conclusion/summary/next steps