[ProgressiveEd] Some ideas

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Thu, 13 Feb 2003 19:02:36 EST

Dear folks,
Here are some thoughts Peter Steinberg sent me in response to a draft of 
profiles of our schools.  We've got to keep looking at next steps, and some 
of those steps need to be done immediately.  Bruce Kanze
It is important right now that regional groups of schools gather these 
"profiles" for themselves and present them to the regional superintendents 
and the "sub-superintendents" as soon as they are named.  That is 
particularly important in those cases in which these folks have little 
knowledge of our schools.  They should also be invited to visit as soon as 
possible.  I expect that the "sub-superintendents" will be named within the 
next couple of weeks and many regional superintendents already have 
determined who most of these people will be.  To the extent that is possible, 
there have to be greater efforts to use whatever contacts and ideas we have 
to influence the choice of these "sub-superintendents," and time is 
definitely running out.