[ProgressiveEd] The list is out!

Yvonne [email protected]
Fri, 14 Feb 2003 10:25:38 -0800

Did any of our progressive schools make it?
on 2/14/03 4:44 PM, [email protected] at [email protected] wrote:
> Dear friends,
> Chancellor Klein has revealed his selection of schools.  Go to
> www.nycenet.edu and click on the link to selected schools.  There is also a
> procedure for applying for an exemption.  There's the official procedure, and
> then there's the real procedure.  It's called ORGANIZING!  Let's get all the
> signatures we can, and let's continue to build pressure!  See you at our
> meeting February 26 (City College, Room 4220 at 6:20).  Please get everyone
> there you can!  We need to fight back.
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