[ProgressiveEd] Flyer for Wednesday

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Mon, 24 Feb 2003 08:32:38 EST

Please distribute to staff and to parents in your schools:
Progressive Education Network (PENNY) meeting this Wednesday, February 26th, 
at 6:30 P.M. at City College, NAC Building, 138th Street and Amsterdam 
Avenue, Room 4-220
We need people to come in large numbers.  Please bring your petitions.
Bring your applications for exemption from the standardized math and 
literature curricula.
Bring your ideas to demonstrate our deep support for progressive schools and 
progressive ideas in developing schools and classrooms.
We plan to organize our own networks and to pressure regional superintendents 
to recognize these networks as the building blocks for real cooperation 
across schools.  If we're organized, we can make regional superintendents 
Please contact friends and colleagues.  We need to make sure we have a school 
leader and parent leader/organizer from each school.  Thank you and see you 
on Wednesday.