[ProgressiveEd] Thoughts about Wednesday's Meeting

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Mon, 24 Feb 2003 08:53:34 EST

Dear friends,
So much is happening so quickly.  We need to seize the momentum right now in 
order to take advantage of a climate that supports change and to protect the 
things we value in our schools.  For this Wednesday's meeting of PENNY, we 
need to consider a number of things:  •How can schools go ahead and get 
official school status?  Will superintendents provide us with support now, 
before the end of this school year?  •How will we deliver our applications 
for exemption from the standardized curriculum in math and literature?  These 
applications are due March 3.  They require signatures from principals (where 
the head of the school is not a principal); they also require schools to 
indicate specific targets for test scores.  How will we respond to these 
requirements?  Parents Associations from many of our schools have been 
meeting to consider how they will submit their applications.  Please come to 
Wednesday's meetings with information and organizational plans.  •We need to 
organize for the combined regional meetings scheduled throughout the city for 
March.  This is our opportunity to demonstrate support for our schools and 
for our ways of working with children.  •We need to confirm our networks for 
ourselves.  Which schools will be in which networks?   How do we want them to 
work?  What support do we need now?  What support do we need to work on for 
the future?
Please get your ideas together and come ready to work on Wednesday evening.  
We meet at City College, NAC Building, 138th and Amsterdam, Room 4-220 
beginning at 6:30.  Thanks.