[ProgressiveEd] instructional divisions & independent schools

Beverly [email protected]
Fri, 13 Jun 2003 13:12:39 -0400

Hello all,
I'm so disappointed to hear that promises and actions don't appear to be
lining up AT ALL. Where can I find more information? Is there someone on
this listserv who can provide some concrete facts regarding the actual
divisions vs. what was promised? Also, has there been anyone from our side
who HAS been taping the meetings? I think it's essential, given the poor
track record so far.
Also, District One approved the dividing of PS 196 (EVCS, CWS, Earth,
Neighborhood, and Tompkins Sq.) into independent schools. But we have to get
a waiver because there was a March 1st zoning deadline that was missed. (The
point was made that no one knew then that keeping our umbrella coalition as
is would mean less $$ due to DOE's restructuring made public after that
deadline.) It remains to be seen whether Mr. Klein will honor his commitment
to us on this subject and allow us to proceed in time for next fall.
Beverly McClain, CWS parent.