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Tue, 4 Mar 2003 22:38:02 EST

About flooding new regional or old district superintentends with e-mail about 
the waivers, I was at a meeting tonight of Community School Board One that 
both superintendents attended (Diana Lam was supposed to be there but.... she 
was not). They had only two important information:
1- they do not have anything to do with the 208 list. How schools were 
selected, how schools might be added with the waivers,... They really do not 
know. Our new Superintendent has already received many letters from parents & 
she has forwarded them but she really can not do anything.
2- about everything else: they found all questions very interesting but  do 
not have any answers. But everybody should be assured that they are working 
hard to make our schools better.
A lot of worried parents came to this meeting & a lot of angry parents left 
the meeting.
Sophie (CWS).