[ProgressiveEd] Our communications with Mr. Klein/what to do next

Beverly McClain [email protected]
Fri, 21 Mar 2003 15:19:47 -0500

I'm not suggesting that anyone be excluded from the meeting, we're only
saying we want our (Latina) director, Maria Velez-Clarke and our PTA
president there, because we believe they would be excellent choices for
advancing everyone's cause. Maria has been in the progressive ed trenches
for many many years, as Bruce will attest, and has already started to get to
know Mr. Klein now. Judy is a first-rate PTA president presiding over one of
the most active PTA's in NYC...a big factor in why Mr. Klein bothered to
come to our school at all. Beyond that, I do believe that the collective
group should make decisions about who goes, and as for size, you do have a
good point...certainly we need enough key people to show our diversity and
to represent us all properly, though how many that is, and how many he's
willing to see at once is obviously not for me (or maybe even PENNY) to say.
In all fairness, there are reasons WHY our school got through to Mr. Klein:
We were EXTREMELY organized, involved and vocal, and have spent endless
hours of our own time as well as taking time off from work in an effort to
get his attention. There was absolutely no privilege or "access" as you
imply. Only lots of hard work. But since we have an ongoing dialogue and our
school is now one he is beginning to get to know, we believe Maria and Judy
would be appropriate choices and should be included along with the other
people PENNY chooses to send.
Also, I'm not saying we don't march at all, I'm just suggesting that it
makes more sense to see what becomes of the meeting, or hopefully more than
one, and then decide. If PENNY does decide to head down to TWEED on
Wednesday, we wish you the best. But I'm not sure what CWS will do. No one
at our PTA meeting last night was comfortable with that scenario, at least
given the way things stand now, Maria included. And if we put it off even by
just a few days, it may free up more parents to go to Albany on Tuesday. But
I do understand what you and Melah are saying too...it's hard to know for
sure what would work best.
Beverly (CWS parent)
PS: Melah, I agree with you on Diana Lam. Haven't heard good things and
didn't get a good vibe either last Tuesday night. Gut feelings aren't always
right, but I do have one here that's undeniable. The memo on grant
preapproval didn't help my opinion much either.