[ProgressiveEd] Sharing Information

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Thu, 1 May 2003 14:41:55 EDT

Dear friends,
At last night's PENNY meeting, a number of people brought up things that were 
happening to their schools.  (In one situation, the district had assigned a 
teacher to the school, in clear violation of previous practice.  Districts 
have also been pressuring schools to order textbooks, even after they said we 
would have until the 2003-2004 school year, and then taking the money from 
We need a procedure for collecting information about threats to our schools.  
Our listserv isn't the best way (it's not confidential, for instance), but it 
may be the only way.  Please make it a point to send any and all confirmed 
actions that negatively affect the autonomy of your school either to the 
listserv or to my email address directly.  
Thank you.
Bruce Kanze