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Thu, 1 May 2003 16:26:30 -0400

I'm curious about whether they're going to let principals make decisions
about their own budgets.  There have been rumors that the regional
offices will be required to approve budget decisions, like who a school
is allowed to hire -- as in, what positions (lines) they can have.  So
much for giving the principal more power!  Does anyone know if this is true?
>Dear friends,
>At last night's PENNY meeting, a number of people brought up things that
>happening to their schools.  (In one situation, the district had assigned a 
>teacher to the school, in clear violation of previous practice.  Districts 
>have also been pressuring schools to order textbooks, even after they
said we 
>would have until the 2003-2004 school year, and then taking the money from 
>We need a procedure for collecting information about threats to our
>Our listserv isn't the best way (it's not confidential, for instance),
but it 
>may be the only way.  Please make it a point to send any and all confirmed 
>actions that negatively affect the autonomy of your school either to the 
>listserv or to my email address directly.  
>Thank you.
>Bruce Kanze
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