[ProgressiveEd] Meetings with Klein, Pt. II

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Thu, 8 May 2003 22:24:13 EDT

Dear Jane and other folks,
I can appreciate your position; and, NO, PENNY hasn't discussed the issue of 
the selection of parent coordinators to the point of reaching a position.  I 
think it's important for us, as a progressive organization, to take a 
clear-cut position in support of parents selecting their own coordinators.  
Each school can set its procedures, but the procedures need to be based on an 
open vote by the parents in that school.  (Voting could be done through the 
School Leadership Team or the Parents Association.)  The parent coordinator 
position is a political position.  Who will this person be answerable to?  To 
the parents in that school.  That has to be reinforced through an election.  
It's important to realize that having a duly elected parent coordinator 
strengthens the principal's work as well.  The independence of the 
coordinator helps to make them a stronger advocate and an ally.  What do you 
think?  Bruce