[ProgressiveEd] Seeking copies of tests

Helen Chernikoff [email protected]
Thu, 29 May 2003 10:49:02 -0400

	Hi everybody-
	I'm writing an article testing the proposition -- no pun intended -- that there's a link between rising test scores and smaller class size and looking at what rising test scores mean, anyway.
	I'd like to see a copy of the fourth grade test and some of the prep materials -- I can come pick them up if anybody has this stuff around.
	I'd also like testimonials (especially from District 2 and District 3 people) about what aspects of the curriculum are sacrificed for test prep.
	Were  any of your third-graders  held back from fourth grade and so didn't take the test?
	And does anybody know what were the cut scores for this year and the past say five years?