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What is the ASHS GED program like?

    ASHS teachers use a variety of instructional methods, individualized instruction, small group and whole class instruction, to help students master the skills needed to pass the five parts of the GED test- language arts writing, language arts reading social studies, science and mathematics.   While instructional approaches and emphasis may vary, many students need help with writing skills, mathematics, and mastering the thinking skills needed to pass the exam.  Additionally, English as a Second Language (ESL) classes are offered to students whose native languages vary from Spanish to Haitian Creole to Mandarin.  Some ESL students will master English and pass the GED test in English.  Other ESL students will take the GED test in Spanish or French and take a separate part of the test that shows proficiency in English. 


How long must I be in school before I can take the GED test?

     Students at ASHS progress at their own pace, so each student�s progress is monitored and evaluated to determine test readiness.  At appropriate intervals, a practice GED test is administered to determine student readiness to pass the GED test.  Some students master the required skills in a couple of months, others in a year or more.  Each year, over five thousand students earn their high school equivalency diplomas after studying with ASHS.


 How can prospective students apply to as ASHS program?

     Call the office of one of the sites near your home or workplace during the hours indicated.  If you are currently enrolled in another school and wish to transfer, speak to your guidance counselor or principal.  In order to register at an ASHS site, you�ll need transfer or discharge papers and proof of vaccinations, documents that your home school can provide.  Students who have never attended a New York City Public School will need only a record of vaccinations. 






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