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330 Hinsdale Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11207
Voice:(718) 346-8984, ext. 545
Fax:(718) 346-9378

Genesis Homes is a not-for-profit organization created by the founders of H.E.L.P. This housing complex opened in 1992 in East New York, Brooklyn. It provides housing for 150 families, as well as a wide range of services oriented towards the needs of the tenants as well as members of the community. Tenant participation and community outreach are cornerstones of the program.

The Genesis approach, which involves a public-private sector partnership, is holistic and revolves around the development of quality housing and community services. Principles such as “prevention before intervention”; “independence vs. dependence”; and “work not welfare” underscore the Genesis philosophy.

The CEC program at Genesis provides GED services for young adults’ ages16-21 year old.