Administrative Staff

CEC opens the 2003/2004 school year with a great deal of excitement and expectation. We begin with changes. Sherry Zekowski, the founder of Career Education Center and its leader for 15 years, was promoted to the position of Local Instructional Superintendent and is no longer with us. Sherry was an inspirational and creative leader, and she will be missed. However we are delighted that her skills and leadership have been recognized. Sherry will still be involved in monitoring our program and we congratulate her and wish her success.

For your information we have provided on this web site a Calendar of Events at CEC for the entire school year, so that students, CEC staff as well as agency staff can coordinate activities and be well prepared.

This year we are launching a new program called Promoting the C in CEC.”
That C stands for Careers. CEC was especially created to steer our students into the world of work. Most of our students are single mothers, and young people whom unfortunate circumstances have forced into public assistance or homeless shelters. Sometimes, we forget our mission and think it is just to prepare our students to get their GED diplomas or for entrance into college. But we must remember that it is just as important to prepare them for jobs. So, we will be asking each site to set a goal for students who will get their GED diplomas and at the same time be prepared for job interviews. Our team will be working to find decent and appropriate jobs for these young people.

Our Website is a work in progress, and we would appreciate any information or suggestions that you have for making it better.

On a personal note, I would like to thank all of you who offered your well-wishes and support. It’s a challenging job for me especially coming after Sherry, and I will be depending on you to help me do the best job I can.

Joan M. Indart, I.A. Principal