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Prospect Interfaith Family Inn
730 Kelly Street
Bronx, NY 10455
Voice:(718) 617-6100
Fax:(718) 378-5573

The Prospect Family Inn is one of four American Family Inns in New York City administered by Homes for the Homeless (HFH). Homes for the Homeless is the largest single provider of transitional housing in New York City, serving over 540 homeless families daily in its four American Family Inns. The American Family Inns are more than just shelters; they are residential education and employment training centers designed to strengthen and preserve families. Homes for the Homeless is the largest single operator of such facilities in the nation.

A private, non-profit organization, Homes for the Homeless was founded in 1986 through the collaboration of the City of New York, the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine, and Leonard N. Stern, Chairman of the Hartz Group. Recognizing that homelessness is more than merely a housing issue, HFH developed the American Family Inn model, a comprehensive and carefully integrated network of on-site programs designed to address the interrelated causes of homelessness. Strengthening children, parents, and families through education is at heart of all programming at Homes for the Homeless.

Career Education Center's classroom is located in the south Brownstone of the Prospect Family Inn. They serve the not only the shelter population but the community as well. Students should be at least 17 years old and have a GED level education. CEC offers group instruction, individual tutoring and computer assisted learning. Students are assessed upon admission and given an individualized plan of study.