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World Class School



 John   W. King  Jr.,  Principal


Where the Eagle Soar

Our Mission is to prepare students to demonstrate sound logic and systematic reasoning skills, to develop creative solutions to meet their personal needs and formulate productive ideas to meet the challenges of the world at large.



The school uses an interdisciplinary approach to address students learning needs, which also encompasses a strong counseling program to work with both students and parents.  In general, the goal of the school is to provide a strong college preparatory program for all students.

Upon graduation students are admitted to a minimum of two colleges often with scholarships.  This year the school has embarked upon several new initiatives which include that of the middle school, Literacy, Saturday Math and Science Institute, Smart Process Science and collaboration with the New York University Metropolitan Center for Urban Development for teacher training and staff development.  Students who attend the school have an extended program, which begins at 8:15 AM and ends approximately at 6:00 PM.

The student population is heterogeneous and supported by 27 academic teachers, 15 artistic teachers and 2 guidance counselors.  Of these teachers 67% are permanently licensed and assigned to the school; 41% have been teaching for more than five years and 66%. Seven have a Master�s Degree or Higher. The school' goal will continue to be the building of a World Class School by strengthening students skills in the area of of literacy across the curriculum and the on going staff development program provided by the New York University Metropolitan Center for Urban Development, Community School District #5, the division of Alternative High School and the Lehman College.  The Choir Academy of Harlem is a school whose theme is predicated upon academic excellence and performing art.

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